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Blended Summit Portfolio

Supercharge your pipeline with our blended event experiences. Digital provides reach, scale and speed, while physical deepens and develops relationships.
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Experiences delivered in the last 3 years

Senior executives attending our event experiences


Average conversion rate of qualified leads to 1:1 follow-up meetings

.6 /10

Senior executives recommend GDS event experiences

how it works

360 degree partnership

Delivering immediate sales pipeline + shortening sales cycles
  1. 1. Focused ROI team

    Dedicated team from GDS to support your success - before, during and after the summit

  2. 2. Stage 1 meetings

    Real-time feedback on 1:1 meetings for digital and physical during the event experiences

  3. 3. Stage 2 meetings

    For Digital Summits, stage 2 meetings are booked within 7-14 days post-summit. For Physical Summits, stage 2 meetings are booked onsite at the event

  4. 4. Client success portal

    Gain access to full contact information and project information for every senior executive in attendance to allow for targeted follow-ups

  5. 5. Post-event insights

    Maximize your ROI through a campaign review, with access to a comprehensive ‘Beyond the Summit’ report. See an example here. 

  6. 6. Business impact

    Achieve multi-touch pipeline generation